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Concierge Finland - Valtteri Bottas

Business services

For important moments and events, and to make taking care of day-to-day errands easier. You will receive high-quality, flexible and reliable service from a single number. This service is aimed at companies.

  • Day-to-day errands
  • Transportation
  • Restaurant services
  • Accommodation
  • Airport services
  • Functions for important customers
  • Events and functions
  • Bookings
  • 24h service
  • Vehicle rental
  • Occasions and business gifts
  • Security services

I use concierge services almost daily. Nowadays I don’t have time to be everywhere at once, and my free time is very valuable to me. Concierge Finland takes care of my and my family’s needs and wishes, at any time of day or night.”

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Concierge Finland Oy | Sinikalliontie 5 | 02630 Espoo | FINLAND